Access Controller for PS5 Launches on December 6th for $89.99

It includes 30 profiles for button mapping, 360-degree orientation, analog stick caps and more. Pre-orders go live on July 21st.

Access Controller for PS5, Sony’s dedicated accessibility controller for its current-gen console, will release worldwide on December 6th. Pre-orders go live on July 21st, with the device costing $89.99/€89.99/£79.99. Check out the latest trailer below for a quick look at its features.

The Access Controller offers several options for accessibility, from analog stick caps to multiple button caps. It supports 360-degree orientation and offers 30 control profiles for button mapping. You can turn off buttons, connect speciality buttons and switches via the 3.5mm AUX ports, and even connect a DualSense controller to use alongside it.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of sticks and their deadzones. Other options include changing inputs, Toggle mode for toggling buttons in gameplay instead of holding a button down, disabling buttons and more. The Access Controller also supports an AMPS mount or tripod to secure it on different surfaces.