Quake 2 Enhanced Edition – Update 1 is Live, Buffs Railgun and Improves Compass Navigation

Maximum FPS is capped at 1000 to prevent engine anomalies, and the Berserker’s attacks should be much easier to deal with.

id Software and Nightdive Studios released the first update for Quake 2 Enhanced Edition. It improves on a new feature added with this remaster, the Compass, with better objective navigating through several places in Quake 2, Quake 2 64, The Reckoning and Ground Zero.

Other quality-of-life additions include controller vibration effects when taking damage, an option for always running, save and load menus denoting the campaign name and preventing anomalies with the engine at higher frame rates by capping the maximum FPS to 1,000. Skipping cinematics also uses the Action key/button, and there are now “proper” drowning sounds for the selected model.

As for balance changes, the Railgun deals 125 damage per shot, up from 100. Enemies will no longer dodge shots from the side or behind, and turrets won’t deal extra damage when blind firing. The Berserker’s slam attack also deals reduced damage and can be dodged by jumping.



General Gameplay

  • Added controller vibration effects when taking damage
  • Restored Always Run in the Input Options menu, with separate options for controller and keyboard
  • Save and load menus will now indicate which campaign a save is from
  • The Compass, Drop CTF Tech and Use Grapple actions can now be mapped as custom binds from the Input Options menu
  • Added toggle for Underwater Warp in the Gameplay Options menu
  • Increased the window in which input is disallowed after disengaging the weapon or inventory wheel to prevent erroneous look input or accidental item/weapon deselection
  • Disabling View Bob in the Gameplay Options menu bobbing results in fewer residual head bobs
    Added missing Tank animation
  • Improved Compass objective navigation throughout various places in Quake II, The Reckoning, Ground Zero, and Quake II 64
  • Skipping cinematics now requires the Action key/button to be pressed instead of any key/button
  • Added an extra chain segment to the Plasma Beam and Grappling Hook when using higher FOVs
  • Improved cases where momentum would be lost when traveling up stairs
  • Proper drowning sounds are now used based on selected player model
  • Capped maximum FPS to 1,000 prevent possible engine anomalies at higher frame rates
  • Prioritized Saved Games directory over game install directory when basepath is changed


  • Added ability to load quick saves and manual saves in online co-op without having to back out to the lobby
  • Bot chat can now be disabled from Multiplayer Options menu
  • Added match browser filters and the ability to sort by ping in the Multiplayer/Online/Join Match menu
  • Raised the maximum number of visible matches in the Multiplayer/Online/Join Match menu from 20 to 50
  • Excluded full servers from visible matches in the Multiplayer/Online/Join Match menu
  • Disabled Quake II 64 physics changes when playing Quake II 64 multiplayer maps
  • Enabled Spawn Furthest by default in competitive game modes
  • Enabled Auto Join Teams by default for team-based game modes
  • Raised default Frag Limit to 30
  • Set multiple cvars as cheat-enabled, disallowing hosts to use them when cheats are disabled
  • Updated Q2CTF2 (Stronghold Opposition) and Q2CTF3 (The Smelter) to better reflect the original versions of these Capture the Flag maps
  • Added support for PC and Xbox consoles to play on LAN together


General Gameplay

  • Increased Railgun damage from 100 to 125
  • Monsters will no longer dodge shots coming from the side or behind
  • The slime and lava traps in The Slimy Place and The Frag Pipe can no longer be avoided
  • Turrets no longer do extra damage when blind firing
  • Killing a Brain while its chest is open will now always count as a kill
  • Monsters will no longer open nearby doors immediately after spawning
    Fixbots will abort healing when staggering from pain


  • The Berserker’s attack can be dodged by jumping when the slam occurs
  • Added a visual tell to indicate when the Berserker’s jump is being charged up
  • Added an additional 100ms delay before the Berserker jumps after it is fully charged
  • Reduced slam attack damage


  • Removed ladder sounds from multiplayer for balance reasons


General Gameplay

  • Reduced vision cone size on monsters waiting in ambush to fix some cases of accidental trap activation
  • Power shield will no longer reactivate after picking up ammo if it was manually turned off
  • Power-ups will no longer leave a phantom pickup after a player dies
  • Fixed crash when a soldier tries to use a run attack against no player