Warcraft Rumble Launches on November 3

The free-to-play title will launch for iOS and Android devices on November 3, coinciding with this year’s BlizzCon.

Blizzard Entertainment – like many others in the industry – has set its sights on the mobile market with the intention of bringing is biggest properties over to the platform. To that end, last year, the company announced Warcraft Rumble (Warcraft Arclight Rumble at the time), a free-to-play strategy Warcraft title made specifically for the mobile audience, and now, a release date has been confirmed for the game.

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Warcraft Rumble will launch for iOS and Android devices under a month from now, on November 3. That, of course, means its launch will align with BlizzCon 2023, which is set for November 3 and 4, and is set to be the first in-person BlizzCon since the 2019 event.

Warcraft Rumble is promising a unique spin on the tower defence genre, and will feature a PvE campaign, PvP multiplayer, co-op options, dungeons, raids, and more. Pre-registration for the title is currently open on the App Story and the Google Play Store.