Baldur’s Gate 3 – Hotfix 8 Fixes Companions Transferring Story Items Upon Dismissal

Other issues, like multiplayer crashes, visual problems with fog, invalid save game creation, and more, are also resolved.

Larian Studios has released a new hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3, which fixes a bug that caused dismissed companions to leave their story items with the player. It could result in annoying amounts to carry, but the system has reverted to how it was in Patch 2.

Other fixes with this eighth hotfix include reaction popups not showing text descriptions, multiplayer crashes when listening to dialogue after an active roll, a Vulcan bug resulting in DEVICE_LOST crashes and more. A visual issue with volumetric fog and materials generation has been fixed, along with the creation of invalid save games.

Check out the full hotfix notes below for more details. Baldur’s Gate 3 is available for PS5 and PC – check out our reviews for the former and the latter. While DLC isn’t confirmed for the acclaimed title, director Swen Vincke said it isn’t “undoable.” Stay tuned for more details and updates in the meantime.

Hotfix #8 – Version Number:


  • Companions will no longer transfer story items in their inventory to the player upon dismissal, restoring Patch 2 behaviour.
  • Fixed reaction popups sometimes showing no text descriptions of the reactions available.
  • Fixed a multiplayer crash that would occur when listening to a dialogue after an active roll.
  • Eavesdrop will no longer trigger when a character is in any Character Creation session, such as level up or the magic mirror.
  • Fixed a bug in Vulkan causing DEVICE_LOST crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where Skeletons created using Animate Dead were missing their ranged weapons, despite specializing in them.
  • Fixed an issue where the Weapon Master Feat would show as incomplete if a player was already proficient with all weapons.
  • Fixed a crash when re-assigning characters in splitscreen.
  • Fixed a visual issue with volumetric fog and materials generation.
  • Fixed an issue with invalid savegames being created.
  • Restored Raphael’s hair colour and horns. The House of Hope is once again fashion-forward.
  • Fixed an issue where Splint Armour for Githyanki Females caused some unnecessarily psychedelic visual effects.
  • Shaved His Majesty, who is once again a Sphynx. Steelclaw’s eye colour has been adjusted so they are no longer identical twins.
  • Fixed Raphael’s portraits after restoring his hair colour. Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s Avernus.
  • Fixed Twitch drops not being claimable on PS5.