Cities: Skylines 2 Details Photo Mode and Cinematic Camera in New Trailer

The new photo mode and cinematic camera options in Cities: Skylines 2 will make showing off cities easy and fun, going by the trailer.

In a new development diary, developer Paradox Interactive has revealed new details about the cinematic camera and photo mode in the upcoming city builder Cities: Skylines 2. Alongside details in the post itself, the studio has also released a new trailer showcasing the photo mode and cinematic camera.

The new photo mode in Cities: Skylines 2 will offer players a host of options for taking pictures of the cities they have worked hard to build. Among options available in the photo mode are changes to how the lens and camera work, options for the aperture shape, and even more complex options like changing the weather in granular detail.

The cinematic camera tool allows players to make use of the game’s photo mode tools, alongside a few new options to create entire videos of their cities. Players will be able to tweak camera settings, position, and properties. There will also be a timeline that players can tinker around with to create the perfect fly-by video of their cities.

Cities: Skylines 2 has seen quite a few development diaries detailing various aspects like water and electricity management, and city services and infrastructure. The game is slated to hit PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S on October 24.