Crash Team Rumble: Breaking Down All the New Activities in Season 2’s Party Mode

  • Crash Team Rumble continues the party with Season 2, live from September 12.
  • Party Mode brings 4-player co-op to Crash Team Rumble, inviting players to overcome diverse challenges and race against the clock 

Learn the ins and outs of the all-new 4 player co-op Party Mode, available now.

It’s time to gather your friends and crash the party! Season 2 arrives today for Crash Team Rumble, bringing with it the all-new 4-player co-op Party Mode. Put your platforming skills and teamwork to the test across five unique mini-game rounds, each with their own dangers and trials.  

Throughout Party Mode, keep an eye out for clocks scattered around the map that will increase the amount of time your team has to complete your goal. Collecting these clocks is critical, as when the timer hits zero, it’s game over for your whole team. Players should also search for Boss Tokens hidden throughout each stage. Collecting all the boss tokens will unlock a hidden Boss Wave, an extremely difficult challenge that can only be overcome by the most skilled players. Race against the clock to complete your tasks in time and defeat the final boss wave for the ultimate Crash co-op challenge. 

Dash and leap through Tiki Towers in Speed Run 

In Speed Run, players sprint through speed pads scattered around the map while racing against the clock. Crash series veterans will feel right at home, as success relies on precision jumps and tight platforming. As players clear each wave, obstacles are placed onto the course, making completion more difficult. Bumpers that knock players off course, nitro crates that cause a knockout, and perilous jumps across open water add to the challenge! Teamwork is also a vital aspect of landing the best times and highest scores. Each hero is connected via a tether that increases their speed. But get too far apart from your teammates and the tether will break. Sticking close to your team helps the entire group move quicker, so make sure not to rush off on your own! 

Collecting all the scattered boss tokens and completing each wave will unlock the Speed Run boss wave, where players face off against the villainous Uka Uka. Using rockets scattered along the track, players can fire them at Uka Uka to deal damage. Between the bumpers, nitro crates, and Uka Uka’s meteor attacks, it’s a dangerous race to the finish! 

Crash Team Rumble Season 2 Screenshot

Cook up a storm in What’s Cookin’? 

To clear this round, players must collect ingredients across the map, and throw them into a huge pot that rotates around the bog. Each wave introduces new ingredients, and a new recipe, so your team will need to coordinate on what to gather, while also collecting clocks to increase your time. Complete all recipes, and collect the boss tokens, and you’ll unlock the boss wave featuring the giant wumpa bat! During the boss wave, players collect dynamite sticks rather than ingredients, and use them to damage the wumpa bat who is trying to ruin your stew. Aim carefully, and avoid the smaller bats that appear, to clear this boss wave. 

Crash Team Rumble Season 2 Screenshot

Gather candles and lanterns in Get Lit 

Each player has a floating candle above their head, which can be used to light lanterns placed around a massive tower. Ascend with your team to light all the candles before time runs out. Take care, however, as the candles won’t last forever! If a player’s candle burns out, they’ll need to return to the base of the tower to re-light it or rely on a teammate to light your candle with theirs. Keeping an eye on your team to make sure you can lend a helping hand will benefit the entire squad, as you’ll need to light every lantern to clear the wave. In addition, as the waves get harder, some lanterns will need multiple players to light them, making teamwork even more important. 

Collect enough boss tokens, and your team will do battle against dragons in the boss wave! Use your candles to light rockets that damage the dragons and defeat them all before you run out of time. 

Crash Team Rumble Season 2 Screenshot

Uncover hidden treasure in Dig It 

Put your archeologist gear on, and hunt for buried fossils! Using a bone detector, scour the map and uncover parts of a buried skeleton. Digging them up and bringing them to the center of the map adds them to the skeleton, and the wave is only complete once the entire creature is assembled. Some bones are heavier than others and require multiple players to carry, so you won’t be able to clear this round without proper teamwork. 

Complete each wave with enough boss tokens, and the boss wave unlocks, complete with a huge lava pit! You’ll need to uncover the skeleton while dodging lava hazards and coordinating precise jumps with your team. 

Crash Team Rumble Season 2 Screenshot

Take to the air in Balloon Bounce 

The final Party Mode round, Balloon Bounce, is available to try this weekend, and unlocks permanently later during Season 2. Leap high into the sky and bounce across a variety of huge balloons to score points! To clear each wave, your team needs to focus on specific types of balloons. Make sure not to pop each other’s balloons, as missing a jump and falling back to the ground will waste a lot of time. 

Collect the floating boss tokens to unlock the appearance of Nitros Oxide and his UFO. Rocket balloons will deal damage to the spacecraft, but Oxide won’t make things easy for your team, as he launches mines making staying alive a lot harder.  

Crash Team Rumble Season 2 Screenshot

Season 2 is live today, along with all rounds of Party Mode! There’s even more to come during Season 2, with new maps, a new power, and the fiendish Ripto from the Spyro the Dragon Universe all joining the party. Jump online today, available for the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.  

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