Nintendo’s New Patent is for a New Controller That Won’t Suffer from Joystick Drift

The patent describes a joystick making use of a magnet-controlled fluid to help control how the joystick would move around.

A new patent filed by Nintendo indicates that the country will feature new technology in its successor to the Nintendo Switch that will eliminate the much-maligned issue of joystick drifting that was present in a large proportion of Joycons.

Caught by VideoGamesChronicle, the patent indicates that the new controller will make use of a “magnetoheological fluid”, which is affected by a magnetic field, changing its viscosity. The use of a magnetic field makes this implementation of joystick controls similar to Hall Effect joysticks found in modern third-party controllers available for every platform.

Interestingly, the patent also mentions that, since the fluid can change its viscosity depending on a player’s use of the joystick, it can also be used to present the player with a feeling, which doubles as a way to get the joystick back into the neutral position.

The patent offers a strictly technical description of the technology, however, and we don’t even know if Nintendo will introduce this new type of joystick with the Nintendo Switch 2, or even later on down the line with the release of new peripherals.