Starfield is Now Available Worldwide

Bethesda’s long-awaited space-faring RPG is playable for Standard Edition owners on Xbox Series X/S and PC, along with Game Pass.

After launching last week in early access for Premium Edition owners, Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield is now available worldwide for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It’s also playable on Game Pass.

As the first new IP for the developer in almost 30 years, Starfield is in the far future, with the player discovering an alien artifact. Not long after, they’re contacted by Constellation, a group of space explorers, to learn more. You’re free to explore the universe with over 1000 planets to discover and cities like New Atlantis, Neon, Cydonia and much more.

Along with selecting different Traits and a Background for your character, there are 82 Skills, from Pickpocketing to Persuasion to master. You can also customize and build spaceships, mine resources, survey planets, attack and board other ships, and much more. Check out our review for more details.

Of course, this is far from the end for Starfield with the Shattered Space expansion in development and director Todd Howard promising a “lot” of post-launch DLC of “varying sizes.”