Starfield Players Can Use Screenshots as Loading Screens

Starfield is a gold mine for all the shutterbugs out there, and you can even use your best screenshots as loading screens.

Starfield is a massive game that’s hiding a massive amount of content and tiny, little details beneath its sprawling surface, something that Bethesda Game Studios’ titles always have a knack for doing. And given how vast the game is, it’s safe to say that players are going to be discovering new things both big and small within the space-faring RPG for some time to come.

In fact, one such hidden feature that the game doesn’t really draw attention to is the fact that any photos you take in the game using its photo mode can be set as your loading screens. That, of course, is a feature that Fallout 76 players will be very familiar with.

Starfield’s massive galaxy is teeming with gorgeous locations where many are going to want to snap some photos, and with the game not being a seamless open world experience and featuring plenty of loading screens between instances, being able to admire some of your best shots on those occasions is certainly a neat idea.

In our review of Starfield, we awarded it a score of 10/10, saying, “As unfathomably vast and boundless as the subject matter it covers, Starfield raises the bar for its genre and for the medium as a whole in countless ways – much like the best of its Bethesda-developed forebears did in their time.” Read the full review through here.

Starfield’s global release is set for September 6, though Premium and Constellation Edition owners already have access to the game.