Company of Heroes 3 Content and Update Roadmap for Rest of 2023 Revealed

Both the PC release, as well as the Console Edition of Company of Heroes 3 will be getting updates and new content like additional maps and balance changes in 2023.

Developer Relic Entertainment has revealed its future content plans for Company of Heroes 3 with a new roadmap. Planned content for Company of Heroes 3 include a major update for the PC version of the game, as well as content, enhancements and bug fixes for the Console Edition release. Check out the video below.

The PC update, titled Umbral Wasp, is slated for release in October. The update will bring with it improved animation responsiveness for units, as well as improvements to unit pathfinding. There will also be a new 4v4 map, as well as a reprise of a 1v1 map, along with other balancing and general gameplay improvements. The PC version will get another update later this year bringing with it fan-requested features like a replay system.

The update planned for Company of Heroes 3: Console Edition is titled Brass Leopard, and will bring with it a new map, audio updates, and general gameplay improvements when it hits consoles in September.

The studio has also revealed that it is working on a major expansion for Company of Heroes 3 with plans to release it later this year.