Two Point Campus is Getting the Medical School DLC on August 17

The upcoming DLC brings with it content from Two Point Hospital to Two Point Campus, allowing the next generation of doctors to be trained at your university.

Developer Two Point Studios and publisher Sega have announced the next major DLC release for university management sim Two Point Campus. Dubbed Medical School, the DLC is slated for release on August 17 on all platforms. Check out the trailer below.

Tapping into the franchise’s history with Two Point Hospital, Two Point Campus: Medical School brings with it iconic characters from the hospital management sim, allowing players in-depth options to help train the next generation of doctors.

The DLC brings with it six new types of rooms, like the Noggin’ Nabber, the Head Clinic and the Psychiatry room, as well as over 60 new items to decorate the new rooms and help with the diagonses and treatment of diseases like Brain Farts and Lightheadedness.

There will also be new challenges for students and teachers to overcome, such as ghosts of dead patients haunting the halls of your university, and the risk of a fire from lack of maintenance for the new medical machines.

Two Point Campus: Medical School is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.