Overwatch 2: Invasion’s Mysterious Enigma is Played by John Cena

Enigma has been making his presence known for the last few days through a series of hacks throughout Overwatch 2 on the way to Season 6: Invasion.

A new video for Overwatch 2 has been released in the build up to the upcoming PvE missions coming to Overwatch 2 as part of Season 6: Invasion, revealing that the mysterious figure named Enigma who has been hacking into games is being played by John Cena. Check out the video, which further progresses the plot of the upcoming Invasion update below.

Despite the pro wrestler-turned-actor’s role as the Enigma, however, it is quite unlikely that Cena will actually be coming to Overwatch 2 as a playable character. Rather, Cena seems to be largely present to help promote Overwatch 2, according to IGN.

Quite a few details about Overwatch 2‘s upcoming Invasion season have been revealed, be it through leaks or otherwise. Developer Blizzard recently revealed that Hero Challenge progress will not be carrying over for players into Season 6: Invasion.

The next supper hero coming to the game, Illari, has also been seemingly leaked, and will be coming to the game as part of Season 6: Invasion.

Overwatch 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch as a free-to-play game.