Metroid Prime 4 is Not Open World but Has “Massive” Areas – Rumour

XboxEra’s Nick Baker has leaked some potential new details on the long-awaited Metroid Prime sequel.

It’s been over four and a half years since Nintendo announced that Metroid Prime 4’s development had been rebooted, with Retro Studios taking over the project, and in the time since then, we’ve heard absolutely nothing about the game. With significant time having passed with next to no updates on the game and with leaks claiming that Nintendo is preparing to launch a new console in the second half of 2024, questions about what Metroid Prime 4’s status is, when it’s going to launch, and if it will still be a Switch game have been asked quite often in recent weeks and months.

And while those questions remain unanswered for now, some potential new details on the game may have emerged nonetheless. XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker recently spoke about Metroid Prime 4 on the XboxEra Podcast, and offered some brief new details, coming from someone he knows who’s supposedly “gotten eyes” on the game.

In addition to the game looking “visually unbelieveable”, said source also claims that Metroid Prime 4 will also feature “big, massive” areas. Baker says that though he doesn’t believe the game is going to be open world, it will have significantly larger areas than previous titles in the series. According to Baker, the person seeing the game in action apparently said that the size of the environments reminded them of Halo Infinite’s “big and open” environments- though Halo Infinite really was open world, of course.

Long-suffering Metroid fans have, of course, had plenty to keep themselves occupied on the Switch in the last couple of years, first with Metroid Dread in 2021, followed by Metroid Prime Remastered earlier this year. Leaks have claimed that Metroid Prime 2 Remastered is also in the works, though of course, you never really know for sure with Nintendo outside of official announcements.