Ad Infinitum Launches on September 14 for PC and Consoles

Hekate’s psychological horror title will see you play as a young German soldier haunted by the horrors of the First World War.

The survival horror genre is flourishing more than it ever has before, which means there’s no shortage of promising new games in the genre both big and small. Ad Infinitum, Hekate and Nacon’s first person psychological horror affair, hasn’t necessarily grabbed a ton of headlines since its announcement a couple of years ago, but it has continued to look promising each time it’s been shown off.

Originally set to launch in April this year, the game got delayed into September. Now, a specific release date has been confirmed. Nacon has announced that Ad Infinitum will launch on September 14, with pre-orders now live. A new trailer also offers promising glimpses of what it will have in store in terms of its environments, its brand of horror, and some of the monsters you’ll be crossing paths with throughout its nightmarish World War 1 journey. Check it out below.

Ad Infinitum will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.