Destiny 2 – Season 22 Weapons Revealed, Masterwork Material Caps Increasing

From the next season onwards, players can stack up to 30 Ascendant Shards, 30 Ascendant Alloys, and 100 Enhancement Prisms.

As promised, Bungie’s Economy team provided new details on Ritual Activity weapons coming to Destiny 2 in the future. It also confirmed changes to Masterwork materials, specifically increases to their caps. Starting in Season 22, players can stack up to 30 Ascendant Shards and 30 Ascendant Alloys, up from 10 for both. You can also store up to 100 Enhancement Prisms, up from 50.

Upgrade Module and Enhancement Core caps remain the same. As for weapons, there’s Unending Tempest, a Stasis Submachine Gun that drops from Crucible and Luna Regolith 3, a Solar Sniper Rifle, dropping from Strikes. Gambit drops a new Void Machine Gun called Qua Xaphan 5, while you can get Warden’s Law, a Kinetic Hand Cannon, and Pre Astyanax 6, a Solar Precision Bow, from Nightfalls.

Iron Banner drops The Guiding Sight, a Strand Scout Rifle, and Point of the Stag, an Arc Bow. Finally, Igneous Hammer, a Solar Hand Cannon, is coming to Trials of Osiris as a new archetype. You can also get Cataphract GL3, a Strand Heavy Grenade Launcher. More details on the new Hand Cannon archetype are coming soon.

Bungie will provide more Ritual Engrams when completing activities in Ritual playlists. They can also be focused on vendors from Season 22 onwards. No more having to wait until the next season.

Destiny 2: Season 22 doesn’t have a start date, but it should go live on August 22nd when Season of the Deep ends.