Releasing Killsquad as a PlayStation Console Exclusive “Was a Natural Thing,” Developer Says

Game director Daniel Sanchez-Crespo says Novarama’s history as a PlayStation-exclusive developer made it an easy decision to release Killsquad as a console exclusive.

Four years on from its original launch for PC, Novarama’s co-op twin stick RPG shooter Killsquad has now also become available on PlayStation consoles. Given how long after its original release its console port is coming, many would have assumed that the developer would choose to bring it to as many platforms as possible- so why is it that there’s no Xbox version of Killsquad?

In a recent interview, we posed the question to game director Daniel Sanchez-Crespo, who said that given Novarama’s history of working as a PlayStation-exclusive studio, it felt “natural” to follow the same path with Killsquad. Novarama has, of course, released a number of Invizimals titles exclusively for PlayStation platforms over the years.

“Our studio has worked 10 years as a Sony exclusive studio, so for us doing a PlayStation version was a natural thing,” he said.

And how exactly does Killsquad make use of the PS5’s hardware, especially given the fact that it is, after all, a four-year old game? In addition to running at a locked 60 FPS, Sanchez-Crespo told us that the console’s SSD also makes for faster loading times.

“With the SSD, players can enjoy faster load times which, on a graphically intense game like Killsquad, with lots of characters on screen, is very noticeable,” he said.

Killsquad is available now for PS5, PS4, and PC.