Destiny 2 – Next Reprised Raid Goes Live on September 1st

Contest Mode is available for the first 48 hours, with teams having to clear the raid and earn the secret Triumph from Challenge Mode.

While Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep will begin winding down in the coming weeks, Season 22 is coming up. Along with the usual new seasonal; activities and weapons, Bungie has announced that the next reprised raid, aka a Destiny 1 raid brought over into the sequel with changes, will go live on September 1st.

Like Vault of Glass and King’s Fall, this raid will have Contest Mode for 48 hours after it goes live. Clearing it will unlock Challenge Mode, and the first team to complete the challenges necessary for the secret Triumph will receive the World First title. Any time a team fails to meet the conditions for a challenge, they’ll automatically wipe.

It’s rumored that the next reprised raid will be Wrath of the Machine from the Rise of Iron expansion. How SIVA will play a role in upcoming seasons en route to The Final Shape remains to be seen.