Starfield – Limited Edition Xbox Controller and Headset Revealed

The custom controller and headset are both available now, and are retailing for $79.99 and $124.99 respectively.

In the lead-up to the recent Starfield Direct, a limited edition Starfield Xbox controller and headset got leaked, with details emerging on everything from their pricing to their release date, and as expected, at the presentation itself, both were officially unveiled.

Bethesda says the designs for both accessories are “inspired by real world spacecraft”, with both sporting a retro-esque sci-fi look to go along with the game’s own aesthetic. You can check out what they look like in the trailer below.

As claimed in aforementioned leaks, the Starfield Limited Edition Xbox controller and headset are both available now, though they’ll only be available until stocks last, so grab yours while you still can. The controller costs $79.99 and the headset costs $124.99.

During the Starfield Direct, Bethesda also spoke about the space-faring RPG’s space flight and combat, ship customization and crew management, character creation and progression mechanics, outposts and procedurally generated planets, and much more. A Premium Edition has also been unveiled, which will include access to a post-launch story expansion, among other things.

Starfield launches on September 6 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.