Starfield Will Launch with a Photo Mode

Bethesda confirms the upcoming space-faring RPG will have a Photo Mode at launch, though its features haven’t been detailed.

We all love a good Photo Mode, and thankfully, developers are more than aware of how much we love it. Most major (and otherwise) games tend to feature a Photo Mode, either at launch or with post-release updates, and Bethesda has confirmed that upon its release later this year, Starfield, too, will have one.

The same was confirmed in Bethesda’s recent comprehensive deep dive into the space-faring RPG during its Starfield Direct presentation, and though details on exactly what features we can expect from its Photo Mode are scant, presumably, they’ll be revealed in the weeks and months leading up to its launch.

Of course, that’s far from the only information that was revealed about Starfield during the Direct, with Bethesda taking a plunge into the game’s space flight and combat, ship customization and crew management, character creation and progression mechanics, outposts and procedurally generated planets, and much more.

A Starfield Limited Edition controller and headset have also been revealed and are now available, while Bethesda has also revealed a Premium Edition for the game, which will include five days of early access and access to a post-launch story expansion.

Starfield launches on September 6 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.