Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s Burn Affliction is Getting Nerfed, New Leaderboard Incoming

Game director Axel Rydby says the team “didn’t intend” for it “to be the only viable end-game build for launch and beyond.”

Rocksteady Studios is prepping its first nerf for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, targeting the Diablo Blaze Affliction. The burn status proved very popular for players due to a bug allowing for extensive scaling, especially when playing challenging content at higher Mastery Tiers. While it’s in line with the power fantasy the team has envisioned, it’s far and away the best end-game build, as seen in the leaderboards.

On the game’s Discord (via GamesRadar), game director Axel Rydby said, “We want you to surprise us with the powerful builds you find and construct. We want you to continuously find a new meta and break it by finding a better one. While there is no doubt that the Burn build is really powerful and fun – it should be! – we didn’t intend for it to be the only viable end-game build for launch and beyond.” Hence, the upcoming nerf.

A new leaderboard will also go live. “Since this change will be pretty fundamental to the leaderboards and your continued progression on them, we are committed to creating a new leaderboard for you all, so you can continue to explore the different builds in the game.” Those salty about their achievements potentially going away shouldn’t worry too much.

“This new leaderboard for Finite Crisis will become the active one for all players, and in the leaderboard menu, you can swap back to watch your previous entries, glorified for all to see.”

On Twitter, community manager Darroch Brown said the team hopes to release the burn fix “soon” and teases a “few builds we’ve found at the studio we’re yet to see discovered.” Stay tuned for how this potentially shakes up the meta, especially with Season 1 starting next month and The Joker entering the fray.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.