Exodus – Certain Affinity Announced as Lead Co-Developer

The studio has been working on the recently announced action RPG since 2022. It’s slated for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC.

Certain Affinity’s long-rumored battle royale mode for Halo Infinite may have faced potential cancellation, but other projects are coming up. They include Exodus, the upcoming triple-A action RPG from Archetype Entertainment announced at The Game Awards 2024.

In a new press release, the latter confirmed that Certain Affinity is working as a lead co-development partner (having been involved with the project since 2022). Founder and CEO Max Hoberman stated, “As one of the world’s premiere independent studios, we’ve worked on a huge variety of great games, but nothing quite like this exciting new sci-fi IP, Exodus. Our mission is to add value in development across the board and to complement their efforts in bringing this amazing storytelling experience to players around the world.”

Archetype founder James Ohlen said, “This game is introducing an extremely innovative and expansive world. We are creating a new universe that we hope will be the beginning of a decades-long narrative-driven adventure for gamers. I’ve known Max for a long time and was thrilled to partner with Certain Affinity on a project. With his support and the addition of his outstanding team, we’re excited to bring this new AAA sci-fi universe to life.”

VP, executive producer, and co-founder Chad Robertson added, “The value of our experienced teams joining forces adds a clear benefit to the project and ensures that in today’s competitive video game marketplace, Exodus will be an IP that stands apart in terms of quality, deep engagement, and value for gamers. We have enjoyed working with Certain Affinity and look forward to the unique opportunities that come from a deep partnership like this with such a veteran team.”

Exodus is coming to Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, with actor Matthew McConaughey in a central role. It takes place in the far future, with players controlling The Traveler as they explore the universe to find resources for an Earth which has seen better days. Time dilation is a core mechanic, as days-long journeys can result in several years passing on Earth, leading to various changes.