Stellar Blade Features 30 Outfits and Various Accessories, Additional Purchases Not Required

Director Hyung-Tae Kim says players can embark on quests or acquire outfits from the in-game shop and receive hairstyles as rewards.

The latest State of Play trailer for Shift Up’s Stellar Blade had several noteworthy elements, from the stylish combat and visuals to the various costumes for protagonist Eve. Those keen on cosmetic customization can take note as there seem to be dozens of choices.

Speaking to Push Square, director Hyung-Tae Kim confirmed there are “about 30 different outfits available in the game,” all acquired through gameplay. “So, you can explore, go on a quest, or go to the in-game shop to purchase them. You can enjoy that collecting element of the game.”

Some quests also provide different hairstyles as rewards, and accessories like earrings and glasses are also unlockable. “But the important part is that these are all acquirable in-game without any additional purchases.” Kim didn’t outright say there are no microtransactions, potentially for other cosmetics, but base game owners should have plenty of options.

Stellar Blade launches on April 26th for PS5, retailing for $70. Its main story, focusing on Eve’s battle with the Naytiba as humanity flees Earth, is about 25 hours long with a semi-open world to explore. However, those keen on collecting everything can spend 30 to 50 hours on the title. Stay tuned for more details, and in the meantime, head here to learn how NieR: Automata was a “huge driving force” for the project.