Forza Motorsport Gets Hotfix For Infinite Loading Screen Problem

The new update for Forza Motorsport focuses on a bug where doing certain things could cause an infinite loading screen.

Developer Turn 10 has released a minor new update for racing game Forza Motorsport. The update, which has started rolling out today, addresses stability issues faced by players on all platforms.

The update also mitigates an issue for players where an infinite loading screen could come up when trying to save a Quick Upgrade in the Builders Cup Intro Series. According to the patch notes for the hotfix, the issue only popped up when the game was played under “variable network conditions.”

Forza Motorsport was released earlier this month, shortly after which it got its first update bringing with it a host of bug fixes revolving around stability, progression, and multiplayer.

Unlike Forza Horizon, Forza Motorsport focuses strictly on the sport of racing, with players driving realistically-modeled cars in closed tracks and circuits. The game features over 500 cars to choose from, and 20 locations to race across.

Stability [All Platforms]

  • This hotfix will help mitigate an issue where players could encounter an infinite loading screen when saving a Quick Upgrade in the Builders Cup Intro Series under variable network conditions.