Payday 3: Here’s How to Report Bugs and Issues

PayDay 3 is officially out, and while it’s been having some server issues the past few days, it seems things are finally settling down, with players now able to play. However, not everything is running smoothly for everyone, with reports of crashes, broken achievements, and other bugs surfacing now that players can finally get in-game. Luckily, Starbreeze has opened some communication channels for you to report bugs for Payday 3, and here’s how.

How to Report Bugs and Issues in Payday 3
Regarding official bugs and issues reporting, Starbreeze Studio has again opened its “public feedback and bug reporting” page used during the closed beta. This page will gather technical problems and bugs for Payday 3 and then be forwarded to Starbreeze Studio for review. This is the message the team left to make it clear that this page is, by no means, a live status tracker.

“With PAYDAY 3 now live, we wanted to follow up and set expectations regarding providing further feedback. You are more than welcome to continue adding feedback and report bugs, and we will pass them on to the dev team, but please keep in mind that this is not a live status tracker and that the priority of the topics will be determined internally based on current and ongoing development pipelines.”

Players can also report bugs and issues on the official Payday 3 Steam discussion page. We aren’t sure if this page is developer-run like the other bug-reporting page, though we’re sure they take a look at the feedback provided there.

For those in any of the Discord channels, it doesn’t seem like there’s any real way to report bugs there, and given the number of players, it’s also very easy for developers in those channels to keep track of them. So we recommend using one of the two options above.

The Payday subreddit is also another option for bug reports, but like Discord, chances are those posts will get buried, especially given all the other issues and community posting non-related to bugs being posted there.

Additionally, you can comment below, and we’ll compile a list of bugs to send to the team and keep a log of them in our list of known issues (crash-specific ones here) for Payday 3.

There you have it, some useful channels for you to report all your Payday 3 related issues. Hope this has helped, or at least cleared some things up for you! Now get out there, and start robbing those banks!