XDefiant Has Content Planned for “Many Years to Come,” Devs Weren’t Ready to Launch Game in Original Window

While Ubisoft has already detailed what the Year One roadmap is for XDefiant, it looks like the dev team already has a ton more content in the pipeline.

Reacting to the delay announcement over on Twitter, XDefiant Executive Producer Mark Rubin mentioned that while they wished they could have launched the game sooner, they weren’t ready no matter how much they wished they could have been. In addition to that, Rubin shared that they have “a lot of cool content planned for many years to come.”

Given how Ubisoft has a wide range of franchises and properties to pull from, I gather Rubin and the other devs working on XDefiant won’t have any trouble for ideas. The early leaks that have surfaced mentions content pulled from Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six Sige.

For those looking forward to XDefiant, there’s still no release date for the game just yet, though it does look like it’ll be released in mid-October at the earliest.

Will the knowledge of the dev team having a content roll out plan already in mind before the game is released affect your decision to play XDefiant? Don’t forget, the game is free-to-play, so this sort of statement is reassuring to hear.