Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn Early Story Moments Showcased in New Video

The new video for the upcoming Beyond the Dawn expansion for Tales of Arise introduces Nazamil as a pivotal new character.

A new video has been released showcasing the upcoming Beyond the Dawn expansion for Tales of Arise. The expansion, which was originally unveiled just last week with a trailer, will revolve around what the party of heroes has been up to since finishing the base game’s story, as well as a young girl named Nazamil.

The video seems to be from early on in the Beyond the Dawn expansion, since it looks like these events will act as an introduction to Nazamil and her role in the story. It shows her running from pursuers until she’s cornered, at which point Nazamil uses her powers to hide.

At the same time, Tales of Arise protagonists Alphen and Shionne are shown enjoying the scenery while potentially having to be on guard since they might be surrounded by enemies.

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn was originally announced during PlayStation’s recent State of Play with a trailer. The expansion will take palce some time after the events of the base game’s story, and will involve the protagonists involved in a new battle to keep peace in the world.

Beyond the Dawn is slated to come on November 9.