Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Director Talks About Insomniac’s Working Relationship with Marvel

Creative director Bryan Intihar says the collaboration “has really helped through the tougher times of trying to figure out” tough story moments.

NOTE: There are spoilers ahead for Marvel’s Spider-Man and its ending.

Insomniac Games has done an incredible job bringing its own version of the Spider-Man universe to life in a way that he haven’t ever seen in games before, striking an excellent balance between being true to the IP’s identity and putting its own unique spin on things to surprise even the veteran fans out there. And while the studio does, of course, deserve a lot of credit for that, something else that also deserves credit is how Marvel Games has contributed, and how the two entities have collaborated with each other during the development of the games.

Speaking recently with Inverse, creative director Bryan Intihar touched on the same, saying that the two have worked together very closely on the games. In fact, the Doctor Octopus-inspired Spider-Man suit that Peter creates to fight against his former mentor at the end of the first title was a direct product of that collaboration.

“They’re not just Marvel, they’re friends,” Intihar said when speaking about Marvel Games. “And that has really helped through the tougher times of trying to figure out a story moment, or what we want to do with a certain character. In the final stretch of Spider-Man 1, we were trying to figure out how to make the fight at the end even better. And someone had the idea of Pete creating a suit based on Otto’s stuff. A lot of that came from our collaboration with Marvel.”

Meanwhile, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is due out on October 20 for PS5.