Quantum Error Trailer Touts Next-Gen PS5 Features

TeamKill Media’s cosmic horror shooter is set to launch for the PlayStation 5 later this year, on November 3

Quantum Error developer TeamKill Media has often spoken about how it’s leveraging the hardware of the PS5 to deliver a technically impressive experience with the upcoming cosmic horror shooter (to the extent that the PS4 version of the game ended up having to be cancelled), and a new trailer has shed more light on exactly what to expect from that front.

Quantum Error will run in 4K at 60 FPS on the PS5, while also making use of its 3D audio, its SSD, and the DualSense’s haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and more. Specifically where the latter is concerned, the game’s newest trailer shows glimpses of some interesting implementations, like giving CPR to a character using both adaptive triggers, or blowing into their mouths through the controller’s microphone. Check out the trailer below.

Quantum Error is set to launch for PS5 on November 3. PC and Xbox Series X/S versions are also in the works, but don’t yet have release dates (with the Xbox Series S version currently being in an “unaccepetable” state, according to the developer).