Silent Hill 2 Remake’s Steam TGS Banner Might be Hinting at an Imminent Update

The survival horror remake’s last update was its official announcement, which happened in October last year.

It’ll soon be a year since the announcement of the Silent Hill 2 remake, and the fact that there have been no further updates on the survival horror title since then has definitely made it seem like it’s been much longer than that, especially with developer Bloober Team having mentioned a few times now that the game is quite far along in the development process.

So when exactly will we be seeing it again? Well, there’s at least a sliver of a chance that Konami has some sort of update to share at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. As spotted by a user on Reddit, Silent Hill 2’s page on Steam sports a TGS 2023 banner, which wouldn’t ordinarily mean too much, but for the fact that it’s the only upcoming Konami title to have that banner on its page. Neither Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater nor Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 feature the company’s TGS banner on their respective Steam pages.

Of course, that’s not exactly concrete evidence by any stretch of the imagination, but Konami does have confirmed plans for Tokyo Game Show (which kicks off on September 21), so hopefully, it’ll be bringing the long-awaited survival horror remake to the event as well.

Silent Hill 2 is in development for PS5 and PC.

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