Starfield is Now Available to Stream on GeForce Now

The space-faring RPG can be streamed to different devices over the cloud in 4K resolution and with Ultra settings enabled.

Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield is playable on Xbox Series X/S and PC while also being playable through Game Pass. However, if you’re not a fan of 30 FPS on consoles or don’t have a strong enough PC, there’s always GeForce Now. The space-faring RPG is available now on the service, and you can try it out even if you already own it on Steam/Xbox or have a Game Pass subscription.

GeForce Now utilizes cloud streaming for its games and can offer up to 4K resolution or 120 FPS, thanks to Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4080 when subscribing to the Ultimate tier for $20. The Verge tested it and found that graphics are set to Ultra by default. AMD’s FSR 2.0 is active with 75 percent render resolution.

New Atlantis delivered 47 to 48 frames per second, but Neon fared better with around 70 to 80 FPS. Other locations and “lighter firefights” offered frame rates “far north” of 60 FPS. GeForce Now’s free tier is nowhere near as solid, unfortunately.

For more details on Starfield, check out our review here. Its first hotfix is live, with Bethesda adding support for DLSS, Ultrawide displays and a FOV slider later.