Here’s how Forza Motorsport makes you fall in love with cars and build community through competition and skill.

We’re about to be at the starting line for a new era of Forza Motorsport, and today we’re excited to tell you more about our vision behind the game.

We also shared the first hour of gameplay with media and creators over the past few weeks, so keep an eye out for impressions of what they thought of the experience. And for those of you who can’t wait, we shared a video on Forza Monthly featuring some of the gameplay from the first hour of the game.


The Forza franchise has always been about falling in love with cars and building a community of car lovers and gamers. Forza Motorsport does this through competition and skill.

In the new Forza Motorsport, we have completely rethought what it means to play Motorsport. This is a massive game with over 500 cars and 20 tracks, all featuring 24-hour dynamic time-of-day with weather. These cars were handpicked by our team, curated to deliver the absolute best experience across both Builders Cup and Featured Multiplayer for clean, thrilling and competitive racing.

This game isn’t about collecting all 500 cars. It’s about finding the ones that speak the most to you. We have built a new gameplay loop where you are constantly learning through play and improving yourself on the track in a fun and approachable way. You are getting comfortable with a car and the nuances of a stock car really come out in a way that they haven’t since Forza Motorsport 1 through 4. The new physics brings out the differences in all these cars so you’re not just learning how to drive a car, but how to race it through traffic and pass your opponents.

Even if you are not familiar with motorsports or racing rules, the new gameplay systems we’ve built into Forza Motorsport like our Car Mastery corner scoring system, Forza Race Regulations and car building encourage natural learning and empower players to be successful and build their skill through competition.

We don’t need to teach you what a specific upgrade is because you’ll just feel it. You’ll understand it naturally and apply that to the next car you build. You don’t need to know how to be faster – you will figure that out as you play. You’ll take corners differently as you experiment to find the fastest line. You will unlock your fastest self; understanding all the deeper systems around how the cars work and building an affinity for them. You have all the tools you need in the game, so experiment, have fun with them and you will learn so much.

Forza Motorsport is alive, connected, and ever-changing racing platform that will evolve with our community. It will expand with new races, cars, tracks, and more. We can tweak and fine-tune the racing experience based on community feedback without requiring you to download massive updates.

We’ve also made many smaller improvements across the entire game that will help you build new skills and compete fairly. For example, we have removed the manual with clutch/power shifting exploit and the performance nerfs applied to assists like ABS. Collidable objects like brake markers and cones will also now reset when they are hit so they aren’t left all over the track in online races.

Lastly, a note on why we rebuilt all our tracks in Forza Motorsport: When we developed the new tire model and suspension modeling, our cars would often porpoise (rise and fall repeatedly) on the existing tracks. The new physics advancements meant there was no way to re-use the previous track assets. We had to rebuild every track in the game to handle the new physics. We will continue to introduce more tracks in free updates after launch, including our most accurate Nordschleife ever in Spring 2024.


The first time you start up Forza Motorsport, you will have the chance to adjust several game settings like your preferred driving assists, accessibility options and PC graphics settings.

The opening races of the game include an Open Practice lap at Maple Valley behind the wheel of the all-new 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray and the last 2 laps of an endurance race at Hakone, where you will experience the stunning 2023 No. 01 Cadillac Racing V-Series.R.

Players can start their Forza Motorsport journey anywhere in the game. After the opening races, you can immediately jump into the modes you want to play, whether it’s the Builders Cup Career Mode, Featured Multiplayer, Free Play or Rivals.

We’ve curated the Builders Cup Intro Series to ease you into the game and get you ready to compete. This can be seen in the starter car and track combos, as well as the pace we introduce new mechanics like Open Practice. Starter cars include the 2019 Subaru STI S209, the 2018 Honda Civic Type R, and the 2018 Ford Mustang GT. Pick carefully, because you will level, build and race your chosen car across the Grand Oak Club Circuit, Mugello Club Circuit and Kyalami GP Circuit.

The Builders Cup Intro Series introduces you to our new car levelling and building systems. In-between each race, upgrade your car with new unlocked performance parts and tuning. You will see a new spider graph that helps you understand the balance in your car build. Before returning to the track, you can adjust the race options, including Drivatar difficulty and race rules which influence damage settings, rewind availability and the penalties enforced.

Before the Kyalami GP Featured Race, you will select your starting placement for the race. This is Challenge the Grid, our new risk-reward system. Your payout adjusts based on the grid position and you’ll earn a bonus if you achieve a podium finish. You will also see our fully dynamic 24-hour time-of-day in action, as the sunset in Open Practice transitions to a dark starry sky for the Featured Race.

Completing the Builders Cup Intro Series will unlock Practical Performance, the first stage of the Modern Tour. Each series you finish in the Builders Cup will earn you a trophy with bonus credits rewarded based on your series placement.

The Builders Cup Career Mode is comprised of Tours of Motorsport. Modern Tour introduces you to cars Built for Sport and Super Sedans; in the Enthusiast Tour experience Track Specials and JDM Legends; in the Power Tour drive Iconic Muscle cars and take on the C8 Challenge; and in the Legacy Tour rewind to a bygone era with Retro Tuners and Exotic Speed machines. This is only a snapshot of the themes that await in the Builders Cup.

Across all of these series you will take a single car and level, build and dominate your way to victory. Each Tour you fully complete will also unlock a special reward car at the end. For players who want full creative freedom in their build, check out the Open Class Tour featuring C to S Class Series.

The Career Mode also includes a Featured Tour. This is where we will spotlight new cars and tracks added to Forza Motorsport, and it’s a great way to continue your single-player racing journey.


Forza Motorsport is coming October 10 to Xbox Series X|S consoles, Windows 10 and 11 PCs via the Microsoft Store and Steam, and Xbox Game Pass for console, PC and Cloud Gaming (Beta).

Pre-order the Forza Motorsport Premium Edition on the Microsoft Store or Steam and play the full game up to 5 days early. Here is where you can find the recommended PC specs for Forza Motorsport and supported racing wheel peripherals.

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