Mario Kart Tour Will Stop Adding New Content Starting October 4

From October 4 onwards, all future tours will consist of content that has been previously released for the mobile title.

Mario Kart Tour was definitely one of Nintendo’s more successful forays into the mobile gaming space, but four years on from its launch, the kart racer is nearing the end of its active lifecycle, with Nintendo and DeNA confirming that it will stop receiving new content soon.

Via a message delivered to players within the game itself, it’s been confirmed that starting October 4, Mario Kart Tour will not receive any new content in the form of new tracks, karts, gliders, or drivers. That doesn’t mean support for the game is ending altogether- Mario Kart Tour will continue to get updated with tours in the future, but all of them will only include content that has been previously included in past tours.

Mario Kart Tour is one of several mobile titles published by Nintendo that have seen support being ended sooner than most would have expected, including the likes of Dr. Mario World and Dragalia Lost, among others. Similarly, Super Mario Run performed below Nintendo’s expectations.