Starfield Premium Upgrade Debuts in 7th Place in UK Physical Sales Charts

Despite serving as a means for Game Pass subscribers to gain early access, the upgrade has proven very popular in the region.

Gfk’s latest physical sales charts for the United Kingdom are yet to be fully detailed. However, Chris Dring of Games Industry revealed that Starfield’s Premium Upgrade entered seventh place in the UK’s top ten.

Yes, the Premium Upgrade. It’s for Game Pass subscribers who want to get in on early access without purchasing the Premium Edition. Given that this is a code in a physical box, it’s impressive to see it make the top ten.

Since Starfield technically launches on September 6th worldwide for Xbox Series X/S and PC, we won’t see its ranking in the UK physical sales charts until next week. However, given the hundreds of thousands of players already experiencing early access, it seems a shoo-in for first place. The question is whether it can beat the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.