Starfield Will Let Modders Make Entire Planets

The upcoming space-faring RPG will continue the tradition of Bethesda Game Studios title being paradise for modders.

Bethesda Game Studios’ titles have a long and stories tradition of being heaven for the modding community, and titles put out by the studio has enjoyed incredibly long lives as a result of what the community has created using their modding tools. Unsurprisingly, Starfield looks set to continue that tradition.

Earlier in the year, Starfield director Todd Howard said that the space-faring RPG will be “a modder’s paradise”, but exactly how far can we expect that to go? Well, during a recent Q&A on Bethesda’s German Twitch channel, senior VP of global communications and marketing Pete Hines dropped a curious hint on that front. Apparently, Starfield’s modding tools will allow players to create entire planets of their own.

“How’d you like to make a planet?” Hines said.

So, how long will it be before someone recreates all of Skyrim on a planet in Starfield? Based on BGS has said of the game so far, it does look like the modding tools are going to allow greater flexibility and freedom than any game by the studio has done in the past- which is really saying something. Hopefully, the sci-fi RPG can make good on that promise.

Starfield is due out on September 6 for Xbox Series X/S and PC, with its early access release set for August 31.