Saints Row Coming to PS Plus Essential in September – Rumor

Volition’s reboot of the open-world series will reportedly be available for subscribers, per renowned leaker billbil-kun.

Sony has yet to announce the free titles coming to PlayStation Plus Essential (and Extra/Premium) subscribers in September 2023. However, leaker billbil-kun revealed one allegedly inbound – Volition’s Saints Row. The other two titles aren’t “100 percent” confirmed, but there may be more news in the coming days.

As a reboot of the developer’s acclaimed open-world action series, Saints Row was released last year for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and PC. You can check out our review here, but the consensus from fans is that it lacked much of the magic that defined the original games.

Volition has released several updates and paid DLC, with A Song of Dust and Ice recently becoming available and adding new story quests, weapons and vehicles. There are also new districts to explore, several improvements to the combat and much more. It was recently released on Steam with an overall “Mixed” score from user reviews.