Xbox Introduces New Strike System to Curtail Bad Behaviour on Online Platforms

The new strike system will suspend players from using online features on their Xbox accounts for bad behaviour.

Xbox has launched a new strike system to help curtail toxicity in multiplayer games on consoles. The new system essentially gives players strikes on their accounts for negative behaviour. Players who get their second strike will have their Xbox accounts suspended for a day. Four strikes leads to a 7-day suspension.

In totality, players can potentially accrue up to 7 strikes on their accounts, with an eighth strike leading to a suspension from using their Xbox accounts to use messaging, parties, party chat, multiplayer, and other online features for 12 months. According to Xbox, strikes will stay on accounts for six months.

Going further into how strikes work, Xbox has revealed that players found to be using profanity or cheats will get one strike on their account. Harassment, bullying, and sexually inappropriate statements will get 2 strikes on an account. The use of hate speech will lead to 3 strikes.

Players will be able to see all of the strikes they’ve accrued through Microsoft’s Xbox Support website, where they can also see strikes on accounts used by family members.

It is worth noting that, even with the suspensions, players will not be stopped from accessing single-player games and content. However, Microsoft has stated that “most serious violations” could lead to offending players being completely cut off from all functionality and purchased content on Xbox.