Forza Motorsport Reveals Updated Maple Valley Raceway

The familiar track returns in the next Forza Motorsport, with 12 total turns and a total distance of 4.81 kilometers.

Five of the 20 tracks that Forza Motorsport will launch with in October are going to be completely new – like the recently revealed Grand Oak Raceway – but plenty, of course, are going to be familiar to fans of the series. Returning favourites like Road America have been previously revealed, and developer Turn 10 Studios has now added another name to that list.

It’s been confirmed that Maple Valley Raceway will be returning in the upcoming Forza Motorsport. The track has been in every game in the series barring Forza Motorsport 5 and 6, and is going to be a largely familiar experience to returning fans, barring plenty of visual and technical upgrades, of course. When it comes to the track itself, it will once again feature a total of 12 turns for players to navigate, with each lap being 4.81 kilometers long.

Recently, Turn 10 Studios also revealed new details on Forza Motorsport’s multiplayer component, detailing featured events, Open Practice, and more. It’s also been confirmed that the game won’t feature splitscreen multiplayer at launch.

Forza Motorsport launches on October 10 for Xbox Series X/S and PC.