Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Heavy Mettle Introduces Ram as the New Attack Operator, Out on August 29

Alongside the new operator, Rainbow Six Siege is also getting a new commendations system, as well as a host of other, smaller changes.

Ubisoft has revealed details about the new content coming to Rainbow Six Siege as part of the game’s Year 8: Season 3 release. Dubbed Operation Heavy Mettle, the season is bringing with it a host of tweaks to game modes and characters, along with new operator Ram. Operation Heavy Mettle is slated to hit Rainbow Six Siege on August 29.

Ram is an attacker operator, equipped with a BU-GI Auto-Breacher gadget. Ram can use her gadget to destroy walls and floors anywhere on the level. Ram is set to be a slow, tanky operator, rated at 1 speed and 3 health, and will be able to equip an R4C or LMG-E as her primary weapon, and an MK1 or ITA12S as her secondary.

Along with the addition of Ram to the game’s roster of operators, Operation Heavy Mettle also brings with it a new commendation system, allowing players to rate each other after a match. Players that rack up a high number of commendations will be rewarded with a legendary Alpha Pack drop when the season ends.

Smaller changes to the game as part of Operation Heavy Mettle include balancing changes for operator Grim, changes to how shotguns work, and a change to how some of the game’s main modes are named. For example, Unranked mode is now called Standard mode, and will not feature operator or map bans.