Diablo 3: Season 29 Brings Solo Self-Found Mode for Single-Player Fans

The final Diablo 3 season to feature new content aims to bring proper support for single-player plays of the Season Journey.

Blizzard has announced its plans for the final season for Diablo 3 to get new content. Describing Season 29 through a post on the official website, the studio has revealed that Diablo 3 will be getting many new features, including support for true single-player play through the new Solo Self Found mode.

Solo Self Found mode essentially makes it so that players won’t get any bonuses from playing as part of a party in Diablo 3. The mode also doesn’t allow for trading between players, and revolves entirely around playing through the season solo. The mode will feature its own leaderboard for regular, as well as hardcore players.

The other headlining feature of Diablo 3: Season 29 is the addition of Visions of Enmity, which creates Diabolical Fissures around the world. Stepping through these fissures will send players to pocket dimensions containing enemies, as well as new rewards. Fissures are also unstable, and could potentially produce additional fissures within them once a certain number of enemies are killed.

Diabolical Fissures will feature enemies with three affixes: Enervating, Necrotic, and Resource Leech. Enevervating mobs have an area around them reducing the player’s movement speed and cooldown reduction. Necrotic reduces player healing, and Resource Leech reduces a player’s resource when hit by enemies.

Diablo 3: Season 29 will be getting a host of other features, including a new cap of 800 Paragon Points for season characters, as well as a host of other changes for the sake of gameplay balance. The season is currently available to play through Diablo 3‘s PTR until August 29, and will be making its way on to the game’s main servers down the line.