Starfield Timeline Details Nearly 300 Years of Backstory Leading up to the Game’s Events

Bethesda Game Studios has revealed a timeline that details events in the Starfield universe, beginning from the year 2050, nearly 300 years before the game is set.

From the rich fantasy settings of The Elder Scrolls to the post-nuclear wastelands of Fallout, Bethesda Game Studios never fail to deliver immersive worlds that are brimming with rich lore and backstory, and it seems that’s going to be the case for the vast space-faring setting of the upcoming Starfield as well. Not too long ago, Bethesda released three animated shorts to highlight that very aspect of the experience, and now, the company has shared yet more fascinating narrative details.

Starfield’s official webpage has been updated and now includes a full timeline that covers nearly three hundred years of key events leading up to the game’s own story, which is set in the year 2330. The timeline in question begins with the year 2050, when humanity first landed on Mars in the Starfield universe, leading to colonization in space by the year 2100.

The timeline goes on to cover a number of other key events, including the formation of the United Colonies and, nearly three decades later, the Freestar Collective, as well as various conflicts between the two. Several other key events crucial to the history of the Settled Systems are also detailed, including the establishment of Constellation, it coming into contact with alien artifacts, the founding of places like New Atlantis and Akila City, and more. Make sure to check out the full timeline on the game’s webpage through the link above.

Starfield launches on September 6 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. More details on the game will be arriving courtesy of a developer Q&A on August 16.