Meet Broforce Forever’s Outrageous New Playable Heroes

In 2015, Devolver Digital and heroic indie studio Free Lives unleashed the awesome power of Broforce unto the world. 

This explosive, highly patriotic shooter quickly amassed a passionate army of freedom-loving fans, and to this day their cries of “More Broforce!” ring out across nations and continents with the strength of a thousand Liberty Bells. Well, now these loyal patriots’ prayers have been brutally answered. Broforce Forever pulls Free Lives’ larger-than-life action masterpiece out of retirement for one last epic mission. This is the game’s final update, and it’s a doozy.

We’re talking an expanded campaign, new unlocks, new Muscle Temple challenge levels starring adventurer Indiana Brones, and the ultimate expression of military might: bug fixes! Defending democracy just got a whole lot more complicated too, with motorcycle-riding terrorists, enemy airships, muscle-shredding barbed wire, machine-gun emplacements, and other new hazards to tangle with. It’s a good thing these Bros defy time itself and hit the gym eight days a week.

But we know what you’re really interested in. Broforce Forever adds six powerful new Bros to the game’s already heaving roster of legally distinct action movie legends. The following fresh-faced freedom fighters are joining the likes of Rambro, B.A. Broracus, and Snake Broskin in the fight for liberty, justice, and gratuitous flexing. They’re some of the most interesting Bros yet, with weird and wonderful new abilities and weapons to help you rid the world of those who would crush it ‘neath their boots.

Xebro Warrior Princess

Broforce Forever - Xebro Image

When a land in turmoil cried out for a hero, the mighty warrior princess Xebro answered the call. This close-quarters dynamo wields both a sword and her trademark chakram—a razor-sharp circular blade that, when thrown, bounces around the level causing bloody chaos, and can be automatically retrieved.


Broforce Forever - Desperabro Image

Don’t be fooled by this mariachi’s calm demeanor; he’s no sensitive musician. Desperabro’s particular brand of justice involves dual sawn-off shotguns, sick knee-slides, and enchanting enemies with the hypnotic tones of his flamenco guitar. Music is the food of love? Pah. For this Bro it’s a feast of death.

Demolition Bro

Broforce Forever - Demolition Bro Image

Frozen in the past, legendary cop Demolition Bro is awakened from a cryogenic slumber and finds himself in a strange new world crying out for freedom. True to his name, this Bro is all about destruction. He can toss bouncing bombs to blast enemies to pieces, or put them on ice, permanently, with his freeze grenades.

Burt Brommer

Broforce Forever - Burt Brommer Image

A survivalist, firearms enthusiast, and crack shot, marksman Burt Brommer will send tremors through the hearts of his enemies. Equipped with a scarily precise sniper rifle, this Bro can let rip with bullets that travel effortlessly through any kind of terrain. No one can hide from his lead, nor his level-obliterating sticky dynamite.

Seth Brondle

Broforce Forever - Seth Brondle Image

The Forever update fixes a lot of bugs, but it also adds one. Seth Brondle, a brilliant scientist whose body fused with a fly in a freak teleportation accident, is the strangest Bro yet. He can use his wings to hover, spit globs of face-melting acid at terrorists, and utilize explosive teleportation to get the deadly drop on his foes.

Broffy the Vampire Slayer

Broforce Forever - Broffy the Vampire Slayer Image

This Bro is a formidable vampire slayer who can hurl sharpened wooden stakes at terrifying speeds, purge any evil that crosses her path with holy water grenades, and even self-resurrect. Don’t underestimate her just because she’s an all-American teenager. Broffy is the thing the monsters have nightmares about.