30XX Exits Early Access, Now Available for PC

However, the Nintendo Switch version is delayed, with developer Batterystaple Games stating it will be ready “very soon.”

Rogue-lite action platformer 30XX, inspired by Capcom’s Mega Man X series, is available now on PC (with the Nintendo Switch release delayed but still coming “very soon”). It takes place a thousand years after its predecessor, 20XX, with the larger becoming available to explore as you try to stop the Synthetic Mind. Check out the release trailer below.

There are two playable characters: Ace, who uses a sword like Zero, and Nina, who fires charged shots like X. Each new run features randomly arranged levels with new items and powers to discover. There’s also co-op support and Maker Mode to allow players to create and share their levels with others.

The full release adds new levels in the endgame and some narrative events, but this isn’t the end. Developer Batterystaple Games says there’s more in the pipeline, including new content and characters. More flexibility in Maker Mode and improved mod support are also on the cards.