EA Sports FC 24 Deep Dive Trailer Details Improvements to the Matchday Experience

EA Sports FC 24 will feature new, more detailed models for the players, a revamped cloth system, improved lighting, new celebrations, and more.

With the first two deep dive trailers that have been released for EA Sports FC 24 so far, we have learned plenty about the biggest improvements it will be making to the on-pitch action and some of the more significant changes that are being made to the Player and Manager Career modes. Now, in another new deep dive trailer, EA has offered new information on what we can expect from the matchday experience in this year’s game.

Presentation and authenticity are, of course, key in any sports sim, especially one that’s as keen on capturing the real-life sport’s blockbuster nature as EA’s yearly football series is, and EA Sports FC 24 seems to be making several improvements on that front. That will entail not only new and much more detailed models for all players, but also a revamped cloth system that will allow the fabric of players’ kits to react to their movements in much more realistic fashion.

Meanwhile, with upgrades being made to the Frostbite engine, EA Sports FC 24 will also feature improved lighting. Additionally, the game will now also make greater use of its augemented reality technology to keep highlighting different key stats during matches, similar to broadcasts of real matches, including your team’s stamina, possession, passes completed, shots on target, and more.

Match introductions are also receiving a facelift, with EA Sports 24 touting several new cutscenes that you’ll be able to see in the build-up to matches, which, combined with the new matchday menus, will take you to dressing rooms, commentary gantries, tunnels within the stadium, and more. A new camera angle is also being introduced during gameplay, while between matches, you’ll also see new cutscenes from the referee’s point-of-view at certain moments, like when a player is being booked or sent off, or when a free kick is being set up.

Commentators will also now be visible during certain cutscenes as well, which is a first for the series, while the game is also introducing some new members to the commentary team with Sue Smith and Guy Mowbray. And of course, you can also expect some new celebrations- and not just for goals. This year, you’ll also see players celebrating other moments like key blocks or saves. Check out the video below for more details.

EA Sports FC 24 launches on September 29 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.