Project L – Yasuo Confirmed in New Trailer, Playable at EVO 2023

Ahri, Darius and Ekko are also playable at the event, with lead champion designer Alex Jaffe confirming Jinx and Illaoi are in the works.

Riot Games has confirmed another playable character for its free-to-play fighter Project L. It’s Yasuo, one of the most controversial Assassin/Fighter champions in the history of League of Legends. Check out the latest trailer below, which showcases some of his moves.

Yasuo specializes in sword strikes and wind attacks, with lead champion designer Alex Jaffe noting his mix-ups and technical combos. Along with Yasuo, EVO 2023, attendees can try out Darius, Ekko and Ahri from August 4th to 6th. Darius is more of a mid-range fighter who deals huge damage and inflicts wounds.

Ekko can rewind time, making it difficult to punish or block him. Ahri is a rushdown fighter using Foxfire to attack from multiple angles. Other heroes like Jinx and Illaoi are also in the works and have unique play styles and identities.

Project L doesn’t have a release date or platforms yet.