Diablo 4 – Patch 1.1.1 Buffs Boss Health and Treasure Goblin Rewards

Treasure Goblins are now guaranteed to drop Legendary items from level 15. Respec costs for Skill/Paragon Points also lowered.

Patch 1.1.1 for Diablo 4 finally has a release date, going live on August 8th for all platforms. It brings some major buffs to different classes and other significant gameplay changes. Nightmare Dungeon and Helltide monster density are being increased, but so is boss health post-level 60.

It starts at 50 percent increased health for level 80 bosses, which scales up to 150 percent increased health for level 150 bosses. The good news is that level 35 and higher bosses are guaranteed to drop Legendaries. Treasure Goblins also have an increased chance to drop a Legendary from level 6-14 with guaranteed drops from level 15 onwards.

If that weren’t enough, Legion Events from level 35 onwards are also guaranteed to drop Legendaries. The cost of refunding Skill and Paragon Points is less, starting at 12 percent when level 50 and capping at 40 percent less at level 100. You can also stack 99 Elixirs instead of 20 and purchase an extra Stash Tab.

Check out the various changes below and full patch notes below

Gameplay Updates

Monster Density

We are increasing monster density in Nightmare Dungeons and in Helltide.

Bosses above Level 60 will have more health. Examples:

  • Bosses at Level 60 and below remain unchanged.
  • Bosses at Level 80 have 50% increased health.
  • Bosses at Level 100 have 100% increased health.
  • Bosses at Level 120 have 120% increased health.
  • Bosses at Level 150 and above have 150% increased health.

Bosses and Events

Developer’s Note: We are making adjustments to the health values of high-level boss monsters.

  • Level 35 and higher boss monsters will now have a 100% chance to drop a Legendary item.
  • Treasure Goblins now have an increased Legendary item drop chance from Level 6-14 and guarantee a Legendary item drop starting at Level 15.
  • Legion Events are now more rewarding and guarantee a Legendary item drop starting at level 35.


  • We have made multiple improvements on how damage and other effects interact with active barriers.
  • Bonus damage or bonus effects that are applied on-hit or when dealing damage will now apply that same effect through barriers. Ex: The Exploit Paragon Glyph will now apply Vulnerable to enemies that have an active barrier.
  • Cheat death effects will now work properly when the player has an active barrier. This also affects PvP play.
  • Varshan will now break through any Bone Wall segments he dashes through.
  • The cost for refunding Skill and Paragon Points has been reduced. The reduction starts small at lower Levels and hits a maximum of 40% at Level 100. Ex: Level 50 – 12%, Level 60 – 18%, Level 70 – 24%, Level 80 – 30%.
  • We’ve increased the stack limit for Elixirs from 20 to 99.
  • An additional Stash Tab can now be purchased at the Stash with gold.
  • We have restored the cast time for Leave Dungeon back to 3 seconds.

Developer’s Note: Leave Dungeon ability was being used as another method of easy escape from danger in dungeons, particularly for Hardcore players. However, we recognize that this is outweighed by the downside of the game feeling less responsive. We’ve heard your feedback, and are reversing this change.

The following Nightmare Dungeon affixes have been removed:

  • Resource Burn
  • Backstabbers
  • Empowered Elites (Cold Enchanted)

Malignant Hearts

Caged Heart of Spellbreaking

  • Changed to: Upon taking Elemental Damage, gain 10-20% Damage Reduction for 5 seconds.

Generic Unique Items


  • + All Stats affix replaced with Max Life.
  • Barrier is now based on maximum Life.
  • Now properly accounted by conditions checking for the player having a Barrier.