Path of Exile: Trials of the Ancestors Announced, Starts August 18th

Players venture into the Afterlife to battle warriors from the Karui tribes in tournaments to earn new Uniques, Passive Tree Tattoos and more.

Along with a new trailer and Act 3 walkthrough for Path of Exile 2, Grinding Gear Games revealed the next expansion and Challenge League for the first game. Starting August 18th for PC, Trials of the Ancestors sees players fighting off warriors from different Karui tribes in tournaments. Check out the trailer below.

Taking place in the Afterlife, these tournaments allow players to create teams to face off against the Karui chieftains. Depending on the tribe faced, you get different rewards. Completing tournaments garners favor with the tribes to spend on more warriors, equipment and field items for a boost.

Some new rewards include Passive Tree Tattoos, which change what an attribute does, and an Omen, consumed after meeting a condition. You can also get locks of Hinekora’s hair to see the outcome of an item craft. If that weren’t enough, you earn new Uniques from defeating each tribe and winning the tournament.

Other changes include the return of Sanctum, which has more variety and balanced Relics and defenses.