Front Mission 2: Remake Trailer Showcases Revamped Visuals, New Features

The remake of the 1997 tactical RPG is planned to release in Q3 2024 for Nintendo Switch and offers “modernized” battle scenes.

Following its delay, Forever Entertainment’s Front Mission 2: Remake has received a new trailer, highlighting the revamped visuals and features players can expect. Check it out below.

In addition to the same storyline, turn-based combat and Wanzer customization, players can expect “modernized” battle scenes. Considering the original’s visuals, having the remake zoom in and dramatically showcase each Wanzer in combat is pretty cool. Players can also freely pan the camera around the battlefield.

If the revamped visuals aren’t enough, the soundtrack and in-game effects have also been updated, while the dialogue and menus are available in other languages. English and Japanese are a given, but you can also choose French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Traditional Chinese.

Front Mission 2: Remake planned to release on June 12th for Nintendo Switch. However, it’s been delayed, with plans to release it in Q3 2024.