Starfield Animated Trailers Highlight Unique Stories Across the Universe

Follow the stories of Vanna, Ada and Kent in three separate animated tales, which tease potential scenarios for players to experience.

Bethesda’s Starfield has received three new animated trailers as part of The Settled Systems: An Animated Anthology. Each showcases different characters and their stories from across the universe. Check them out below.

Where Hope is Built focuses on Vanna, an orphan from Akila City, who must find parts to repair her ship and traverse the stars. The Hand that Feeds is on Neon, where Ada and Harper work together to steal from the rich before encountering someone from Ryujin Industries, causing Ada to choose a side.

Supra Et Ultra is perhaps the tamest. Set on New Atlantis, it sees courier pilot Kent joining the United Colonies Vanguard for space-faring adventures and finding solace in his occupation. Nevertheless, all three animated shorts present unique scenarios that players can potentially experience, with their choices leading them down new avenues (and dangers).

Starfield is out on September 6th for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Premium Edition owners can start playing on September 1st.