Starfield Design Director Says Only Todd Howard is “Authorized to Talk About Unreleased Info”

“No one other than Todd Howard himself is authorized to talk publicly about unreleased game info,” says studio design director Emil Pagliarulo.

Starfield is one of the biggest games of the year, if not the decade, so it’s no surprise that there’s heavy demand for new details to be shared on a consistent basis for the open world space-faring RPG. Of course, there’s already been a glut of new information in recent weeks, and presumably, there will be plenty more on the way in the weeks leading up to the game’s launch- but you won’t be hearing too much from folks on Starfield’s development team at Bethesda Game Studios.

In fact, outside of Bethesda’s PR and marketing apparatus, the only one in the studio who’s “authorized to talk publicly about unreleased game info” is director Todd Howard himself. So says Emil Pagliarulo, studio design director at Bethesda Game Studios, who recently took to Twitter to mention that as much as he might want to, he can’t give out any new details on Starfield, and has also signed a NDA to that effect.

“I know this isn’t what any Starfield fan wants to hear from me, but I feel like I need to make this clear: no one other than Todd Howard himself is authorized to talk publicly about unreleased game info. That’s the job of of our PR/marketing/community folks,” Pagliarulo wrote.

“You have tons of questions. I get it. And my vague posting about the game doesn’t help,” he continued. “I am SO humbled by your anticipation of Starfield. Seriously. It’s mind boggling to me. So it really does pain me to say that I simply CAN’T answer 99% of your questions.

“I can’t share my opinions on game content; I can’t talk about performance; I can’t discuss… well, most things. I signed an NDA. I’m a professional. I don’t want to get fired. But your support is EVERYTHING to us.”

Starfield is set to launch on September 6 for Xbox Series X/S and PC, so presumably, Bethesda and Microsoft will have plenty more to share in the game in the weeks ahead.