Crash Team Rumble – New Limited Time Mode is Live, Mid-Season Patch and New Item Discussed

The new Limited Time Mode is Zap Trap which sees nearby teammates arcing lightning that can knock out any enemies it passes through.

Toys for Bob’s multiplayer-focused Crash Team Rumble was released last month and is in the midst of Season 1. Executive producer Stephen Ricossa, Jr discussed some of the upcoming changes in a new blog post. He first announced a new Limited Time Mode, Zap Trap, which is live.

Teammates who are close together can chain electricity, and when passing through an opponent, it knocks them out. The mode is available through the weekend and provides some “unique rewards.” “We plan to make more of these modes in the future and deliver them throughout future updates, but for now, jump into the game this weekend to enjoy our first run at LTMs!”

Ricossa also confirmed that fixes for crashes and stability issues have been live for a few weeks. There have also been some balance changes and with the release of Ripper (one of two new characters in Season 1), the team is observing “how the meta shakes out before we consider and drop another round of adjustments.”

A new map, Bogged Down, is coming up, and two other updates, additional XP, a Badge, and more Limited Time Time events are also coming. The midseason update is set for the next few weeks and will focus on bug fixes while also teeing up “our events for the second half of this season.”

Finally, Ricossa revealed a new power coming soon – Sticky TNT. When attached to a player, it starts counting down. You must pass it to someone else before it blows up. Stay tuned for more details on the same.

Crash Team Rumble is available on Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and PC.